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HALBE magnetic frames. Naturally conservational.

CONSERVO-DISTANCE: the museum magnetic frame

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For flat paper works

Distance between glass and back panel

For 3D objects

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Magnetic spacer strips

Made to measure to the millimetre

HALBE MAGNETIC FRAMES: Simply frame from the front Only a few steps necessary Conservational framing Anodised aluminium back panel Magnetic spacers Optimal anti-theft protection Museum glass selection Made to measure to the millimetre

In museums, not only a beautiful picture presentation is crucial, but also optimal protection – with HALBE picture frames you make no compromises.

Your works are excellently presented and the highest conservation requirements are met.

With our unique magnetic frame principle, you save time at large exhibitions by conveniently framing from the front.

Simple framing from the front

HALBE Rahmen is the first picture frame manufacturer to use a magnetic opening and closing system. This allows flat paper works to be inserted effortlessly from the front – without slipping and completely without tools.


Regardless of whether it is drawings, photos, prints or certificates, the frame is always changed quickly and precisely. The CONSERVO-DISTANCE has 5 mm high spacer bars as standard for a gap between the glass and the artwork.

Any type of glass can be used. For optimal colour rendering, we recommend glossy white glass or anti-reflective museum glass.



Image: David Halbe (Managing Director)

Framing in a few simple steps

Thanks to the unique HALBE magnetic frame principle, works can be framed from the visible side in seconds – without turning over, clamps or tools.


This significantly reduces the time required for large exhibitions.

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Conservational framing

As a conservator in museums, you know how essential it is to present and protect objects that are particularly delicate and worthy of protection.


The Conservo-Distance magnetic frame from HALBE is specially designed for slightly three-dimensional works of art, be they documents with relief seals, wavy papers, structured collages or floating prints and photographs.


Compared to our tried-and-tested CONSERVO magnetic frame, the CONSERVO-DISTANCE offers an anodised aluminium back panel and magnetically removable spacers to the glass to provide your artwork with the necessary protection and ideal presentation.

Anodised aluminium back panel

Our Conservo magnetic frames have been specially developed for museums. Equipped with an anodised aluminium back panel and magnetic spacer bars, optionally in 5 or 10 mm height, this frame allows the use of both narrow aluminium profiles and wooden strips.


The aluminium back panel guarantees additional stability and flatness, even for finer materials such as KLUG corrugated cardboard, museum cardboard or folding passepartouts. Of course, the frame retains all the tried-and-tested features of the CONSERVO magnetic frame, with the invisible BS 1 R picture lock also available as an option.

Magnetic spacers

Surely you know how important precise details are. Our frames offer magnetically removable spacer bars that are fixed laterally in the base element and sit exactly in the corners.


Thanks to recesses in the sheet metal angle compound, you can remove these spacer bars effortlessly and safely with two fingers.


The glass pane is finally positioned and aligned, whereby the protruding edges of the sheet metal angle connector ensure the highest precision.


Optimal anti-theft protection

We understand the importance of security in museums and galleries. That’s why our frame offers the optional option of being firmly attached to the wall (BS 4) and secured against unwanted opening (BS 1 R).


Our picture lock, the BS 1 Riegel, ensures that the frame cannot be opened without tools. Access to the panes of the BS 1 R is only possible from the rear. For maximum security, we recommend additionally fixing the frame to the wall with the BS 4. This way you can be sure that the frame cannot be opened or removed.

Selection of museum glass

HALBE premium museum glass ensures a clear, reflection-free view of artworks and offers additional UV protection.


Use your existing frames and replace only the glass to optimise your art presentation and modernise your collection in a sustainable and cost-effective way.

The HALBE Configurator

Made to measure to the millimetre

The 3D picture frame configurator:
A revolution for your art presentation
In our digital world, it is essential for you to present your works of art in the best way possible. Not only the artwork itself plays a role, but also the right frame. This is where HALBE’s new 3D picture frame configurator comes into play.


Virtual world of experience before you buy
Experience how the frame will look in the real world before you make a decision. This not only gives you peace of mind, but opens up a whole new dimension of interaction.


Intuitive frame design
With the specially developed configurator, you can quickly and easily design the magnetic frame according to your wishes. This creates a seamless design experience and optimises your choice.


Your artwork in the centre
Upload your picture directly and get an immediate impression of how it will look in the frame. This makes it easier for you to decide on the colour scheme and frame size.


360° view
Thanks to the 3D view, you can look at the frame from all perspectives, almost as if you were physically holding it in your hands.


Intuitive for your decision
Our 3D picture frame configurator offers you an outstanding opportunity to find the ideal frame for your artwork. Experience the end product in full before you decide.